Join Our Free Live Webinar on Copy Trading

Learn how to copy trade on Fondex cTrader or provide your strategy and earn extra capital

  • 29/11/2018
  • 17:30 (GMT)
  • 30-45 min
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What will you learn in our free webinar?

Paul, our platform expert, will give you a walkthrough of Fondex cTrader Copy and show you how to copy top strategies

  • What is copy trading
  • What are its advantages and disadvantages
  • How to navigate on Fondex cTrader Copy
  • How to assess each available trading strategy
  • How to effectively manage your risk with our advanced risk management tools
  • How to add and remove funds to a copying account
  • How to become a Strategy Provider
  • How to setup and view your strategy's profile
  • How to distinguish and apply all different types of fees that you can get from sharing your strategy

Why copy trade with Fondex?

Copy 400+ Strategies

Access hundreds of strategies for more than 1000 instruments across 7 asset classes.

Intelligent Risk Management

Based on an intelligent risk management model, the system automatically recalculates your position size to adjust it to your available resources.

Select Top Performers

Use our reporting tools to rank strategies according to performance and select the most suitable for your circumstances.

Combine With Other Methods

Our integrated platform allows you to combine copying with manual and automated trading, depending on your preferences.