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Trading Conditions
Daily Average Spread: 0.98
Leverage: 1:500
Lot Size: 100000 CAD
Min Lot Size: 0.01
Commission: $2.5 per $100K

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    1. The Bank of Canada has no specific target value for the CAD and has not intervened in the foreign exchange markets since 1998. It believes the value of the currency should be defined by its market performance. This is something very interesting for traders, as they will not have to worry about sudden unexpected decisions that would influence the currency (watch out for the SNB though, as this bank is indeed known for doing so)2. Many consider the Swiss franc as a market hedge, similar to gold, or else a basic way to diversify a portfolio. In good times, you will typically see it appreciate relative to positive-carry assets, such as currencies like the Australian dollar (AUD).
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