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Thinking of trading CHFJPY?

    1. Both currencies are considered to be a safe-haven, which means that when there are doubts in the market, people tend to buy gold, Swiss francs, or yens among other instruments. The fact that this pair is made from two safe-haven currencies make this pair a worthy one to look into. 2. Any pair tied with the JPY is linked to commodities trading in Japan. So, research and analysis are relatively straightforward, traders should look to global imports and exports to guess market sentiment.
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Trading involves risk of loss

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Trading involves risk of loss

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Trading involves risk of loss

This is the forex quote for the Swiss Franc - Japanese Yen cross pair. It was as late as 1848 when the Swiss Federal Constitution decided that they would be the only ones to issue money in Switzerland. This was due to the fact that between 1803 and 1850, less than 15% of the money in circulation in Switzerland was locally produced.Both of these currencies are often viewed as safe-haven currencies and funding currencies due to their unique financial properties and low interest rates. CHF/JPY reached its lows during the 2008 financial crisis, when it hit ¥74.65. Since then, the pair has traded higher far beyond this level in light of aggressive monetary Japanese easing, as of 2019, the pair is trading at 109.05.The Swiss franc is a very special currency to trade, as their interest rate is always low or even negative, one of the reasons behind this is that Switzerland is an exporting country and it is not part of the EU.

1. One thing that traders need to look out for is incoherences in the price movement of the pair. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is known for intervening in the country's currency value. Whenever you note a sharp movement in the pair that seems to have no visible fundamental covering it, you should check if the SNB intervened with some policies. Traders should also keep an eye on the consumer price index and the KOF indicator, which may give you an idea about the future direction of the Swiss economy, and hence the CHF/JPY. 2. Natural disaster news in Japan are also something that a trader of this pair should be concerned about together with oil prices and manufacturing demand.