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    1. Due to the speed superiority of Dash compared to other cryptocurrencies, many exchanges and vendors favour this crypto over other ones. Hence, it is gradually being accepted by more institutions and growing its legitimacy along the way. 2. Dash is a special crypto in one specific sense, it is a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous organization), the community members that put 1.000 Dash as collateral can vote and receive a 10$ cmmission of every block mined. This gives users the freedom typically offered by a crypto, as well as control and security.
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Fondex cTrader features an impressive array of trading tools that can help you analyse the Forex market with efficiency and precision.
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Trading involves risk of loss

Fondex cTrader’s Copy functionality enables you to copy strategies from other traders or provide signals and charge a fee.
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  • Efficient risk management
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Trading involves risk of loss

Use cBots to monitor and trade multiple Forex pairs at the same time. When you use cBots to trade, an algorithm opens and closes your positions without any decision-making on your part.

For beginners:

  • Great choice of available cBots for various trading strategies and risk tolerance levels
  • Simple Plug and Play functionality

For advanced traders:

  • Ability to create your own cBot or custom indicator

Trading involves risk of loss

BTC was founded in 2008 by an anonymous figure. Because of the limited nature of the cryptocurrency capped to 21 Million BTC, It is inflation proof and considered by many, to take over FIAT currencies in the future as a better form of currency.Dash was introduced to the market in 2014 as Xcoin and rebranded in 2015 as Dash by Evan Duffield. its transaction confirmation is as little as four seconds (compared to Bitcoin's over 10 minutes) and unlike Bitcoin, it has a voting system in place that allows smooth implementation or changes. Bitcoin, to date, remains ungoverned and even if its the king of crypto with a market capitalization of $137.5B, Dash recently joined the $1B market cap club back in 2017.

1. When it comes to trading this pair, it would be important to pay attention to institutional and profit-taking traders. In May 2017, after Dash joined the billion dollar cap club, the currency saw a price drop moved the crypto below the $1B threshold. 2. As the cryptocurrency world becomes more accepted by the mainstream population, more cryptocoins are being created, Dash could have an advantage over some competitors, but it is important to see to what extent Dash (and BTC) would be able to remain on top.