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    1. Looking at growth from a sector-level, the US electrical industry has been growing, albeit, at a subdued single-digit rate of 8.91% over 2018, and a substantial 11.46% since 2013. This growth is a median of profitable companies of 25 Electrical companies in US including China Energy Recovery, China High Speed Transmission Equipment Group and TCP International Holdings. This means that any uplift the industry is profiting from, Generac Holdings is leveraging to its advantage. 2. In terms of returns from investment, Generac Holdings has invested its equity funds well leading to a 29.25% return on equity (ROE), above the sensible minimum of 20%. Furthermore, its return on assets (ROA) of 10.34% exceeds the US Electrical industry of 5.86%, indicating Generac Holdings has used its assets more efficiently. 3. In the next couple of years, Generac Holdings operating cash flows is expected to grow by a double-digit 25%, which is encouraging, should capital expenditure levels maintain at an appropriate level.
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Generac Power Systems, commonly known as Generac Holdings) is a Fortune 1000 American manufacturer that provides backup power generation products for residential, commercial and industrial markets.In 2010 Generac went public and it now trades in the NYSE with the ticker GNRC and it is a component of the Russel 2000 Index (the Russell 2000 Index is a small-cap stock market index of the bottom 2,000 stocks in the Russell 3000 Index started in 1984. The index is maintained by FTSE Russell, a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange Group). The initial public offering provided $224 million in net proceeds, which were used to pay down debtGenerac Power Systems was founded in 1959 by Robert Kern, and it has since then reached $2. 023 billion (as of 2018). In 1992, Generac began private labelling generator sets for Caterpillar, Inc. (world's largest construction equipment manufacturer in 2018). As the partnership grew between the two companies, they discussed a potential acquisition of Generac by Caterpillar, although a deal was never finalized.

1. Even though growth and profitability are what investors like to see in a company's track record, some other factors should be considered before investing in an asset. The outlook and whether they can maintain today's numbers, the company's financial health and other high performing competitive stocks are things to have in mind and research before your decision-making moment. 2. Generac Holdings' yield of 3. 63% indicates its sub-standard capacity to generate cash, compared to the stock market index. This means investors are taking on more concentrated risk on Generac Holdings but are not being adequately rewarded for doing so.