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    1. A company this large has already spent billions on big ships, so being that they want to add a few luxury vessels to the mix sounds like good news. 2. Being as the ships take a long time to be built, the company is in it for the long run, and investors should take note of this.
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Trading involves risk of loss

MSC cruises is a cruise line founded in Naples, Italy, way back in 1960. As of now, the company is registered in Switzerland and based in Geneva.MSC cruises the largest privately held cruise company, with over 23. 000 employees and it has offices in 45 countries. In 2017, MSC cruises had a 7.2% share of all passengers carried in that year.Since the start of the year, the company has witnessed a peak of 86.31USD in mid February, but has more recently seen a low, of 70.66USD, at the end of May.

1. A recent decline in May, with an estimated 15.5%, may be something to worry about, but on the other hand it could have something to do with the economy and the US-China trade war. 2. Competition such as Amazon is starting to ramp up, being as they just joined the industry, they could steal a slice of MSC' pie.