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Thinking of trading UK 100?

    1. It is easy to say that any trader that has figured out the correlation between the traded pair and the corresponding FIAT currency will be likely to profit from the trading of the asset. This case is not any different, Day Traders that can base their trade on the short-term movements of the instrument should definitely take the time to trade it. 2. London Stock Exchange is one of the largest in the entire world. It has nearly 3. 000 companies listed, with a good leverage, trading a basket of UK stocks has become easier than ever. Those traders that know the story of the biggest UK-listed companies should give this instrument a try.
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

How would you like to trade UK 100?

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Trading involves risk of loss

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Trading involves risk of loss

Use cBots to monitor and trade multiple Forex pairs at the same time. When you use cBots to trade, an algorithm opens and closes your positions without any decision-making on your part.

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Trading involves risk of loss

Also denominated FTSE 100, the British stock index englobes a list of 100 companies with the largest capitalisation listed on the London Stock Exchange. Even though it is currently owned by the Exchange, it started as a joint venture between said Exchange and the Financial Times on 1984. Other Indices comparable in size would be the Dow Jones Industrial Average in the US, DAX in Germany and in the far east, the Nikkei 225 in Japan.It is important to notice that CFDs are not the only way you can invest in the UK 100 (FTSE 100), but there are three. On the one hand, you could use their futures and options, which are also, like CFDs, derivative products; on the other hand you could either exchange GBP for a FTSE tracker fund or cash out said funds into GBP; and lastly you could trade CFDs, which would allow you to profit from both an upwards or downwards movement.

1. UK100 is a complex instrument to trade, it does not only contain straight up big companies, but it also accommodates mining and other extraction companies whose products are most probably priced in USD. Unfortunately, this adds a bit of complexity to the calculations that a trader will have to mind when trading the UK100. 2. UK100 updates the list of companies, purging those whose capitalization have diminished. This is to be taken into consideration when trading the UK100 as it might impact the most known correlation: The UK100 tends to rally when the GBP drops, this can be explained as more than 70% of the revenues of the listed companies are earned outside of the United Kingdom. The problem arises when significant exporters are also listed (as a lower sterling would make their goods and services more competitive). 3. Interest rates also tend to influence any Indices around the world. A reduction in the rates would cripple the GBP while boosting share prices.