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    1. Switzerland has been for a long time a key banking center for customers around the world, the secrecy with which they maintain their banking operations has made them one of the more desirable locations for storing cash. This has helped to bring considerable strength to the Swiss Franc. 2. The Swiss franc is the most attractive currency to use for short legs in FX trades, holding all else equal, as Switzerland's overnight interest rate is the lowest in the world. That means in strong global economic environments, the franc is often used by traders as the short leg in buying currencies with high interest rates. This is called carry trading.
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Trading involves risk of loss

USD date back to 1792, it is regarded as the world's unofficial reserve currency. The CHF is even older than that one of the USD, dating back to the 1700s, when the Swiss Franc was only one of the many currencies in circulation. It was as late as 1848 when the Swiss Federal Constitution decided that they would be the only ones to issue money in Switzerland. Another factor that ads to the fascination held for the USD/CHF by some investors, is that the Swiss franc is often regarded as a safe-haven currency. The change USD / CHF tends to have a negative correlation with the change EUR / USD and GBP / USD , because of the positive correlation between the Euro , Swiss Franc and British Pound.The USD/CHF has one of the oldest historical charts, their prices ranging from its highest point in 1971 with a spectacular 4.30730 to its lowest point only 8 years ago, 0.78500 in 2011. Nowadays the pair is still trading near its lowest dip at 1.0049.

1. In the case of Switzerland, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) wants a weak franc. It is doing this because it wants to boost inflation to rid the country of its deflationary problems that have plagued it for the better part of the past decade. This will make the Pair relatively stable, as CHF will never spike up out of control of the SNB. 2. Many consider the Swiss franc as a market hedge, similar to gold, or else a basic way to diversify a portfolio. In good times, you will typically see it appreciate relative to positive-carry assets, such as currencies like the Australian dollar (AUD).