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Trading Conditions
Daily Average Spread: 0.5
Leverage: 1:500
Lot Size: 100000 USD
Min Lot Size: 0.01
Commission: $2.5 per $100K

Thinking of trading USD/JPY?

    1. The USD/JPY market is often linked to commodities trading in Japan. So, research and analysis are relatively straightforward. In fact, you can look to global imports and exports to gauge market sentiment. 2. Relatively smooth trends and fantastic liquidity makes the USD/JPY pair appealing to both beginners and experienced traders. 3. The USD/JPY ads a special advantage to its traders. The yen carry-trade is when investors borrow yen at a low-interest rate to purchase either U.S. dollars or a currency that pays a high interest rate on its bonds. In June 2018, traders earned a 4.5% profit.
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