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Trading Conditions
Daily Average Spread: 96.25
Leverage: 1:500
Lot Size: 5000 Oz
Min Lot Size: 0.01
Commission: $2.5 per $100K

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    1. Due to silver's physical strength, malleability and conductivity properties it is used in almost any industrial field, hence increasing its industrial demand. As it is use is expanded over many industries, problems that may arise in one, might not affect the rest. Making it a safe metal to invest in. 2. In particular, silver demand for jewelry is strong in India. As these and other emerging market countries continue to grow, their demand for silver could increase sharply. 3. Also, it is worth noting that Silver could perform better than stocks and bonds when there is political unrest. It could also outperform financial assets during hyperinflation and that it will also react better during periods of severe deflation, particularly if central banks dramatically devalue their currencies.
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