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    1. The physical proximity and close trading relationship with Australia make of this a potential correlation with the AUD pairs. Therefore, those who are already trading the AUD could also double their exposure with the NZD/USD, also If you follow fundamental analysts and events such as the Dairy Index and Tourism you should definitely get involved with this pair. 2. New Zealand exports much of powder milk to China. Accordingly, any move in the Chinese economy, like GDP growth or slowing, is very significant, because when the demand for New Zealand products go up, the milk price will also increase, which will boost the NZD against its rivals. If you are a trader that follows the Chinese currency and events, you should definitely add this pair to your portfolio.
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Der Handel mit CFDs birgt ein erhebliches Verlustrisiko

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Der Handel mit CFDs birgt ein erhebliches Verlustrisiko

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Der Handel mit CFDs birgt ein erhebliches Verlustrisiko

New Zealand Dollar has expanded its presence in the Forex Market, making the pair trade a total of almost 2% of the total turnover on the global market. Even though the New Zealand dollar has now climbed up to the 10th position in trading share over the last few years, the reason the pair is considered a major is because USD is involved in it. The pair is sometimes referred to as the Kiwi pair, what The economy of New Zealand is highly dependent on trade, yet because it has only a small territory and is located a considerable distance from most of the other major players in the world economy, it is consistently faced with international trading challenges. Its export key players are Australia with a 20% share and China. The New Zealand Pound was the official currency until the New Zealand Dollar was introduced in 1967.The NZD/USD is also a good pair for carry trades (trade in which an investor sells a currency that has a low rate of interest and purchases another with a higher yield one, profiting from the difference).

1. Due to its low margin, NZD/USD can be quite tricky to trade. This means that overtrading is a common problem, so this pair should only be traded by experienced investors, as those who are beginners in the Forex market may find that they experience unexpected losses when attempting to trade these currencies. 2. The main economic indicators that could affect the NZD/USD pair would be: Interest rate decision from the RBNZ, the GDP of both nations, CPI of both countries, the Producer Price Index, employment changes, trade balance and several political events such as trading news with Australia or China.

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