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What is Margin?

Margin allows you to gain full market exposure but only with a fraction of the investment capital you would normally require.

Because CFDs are leveraged products, only a small amount from your capital is required in order to open your position.

What is a Margin Call?

A margin call occurs when, for example, a position you have is going against you. The Margin call will occur when a trading account no longer has enough equity to support the open trades.

Example: If you are using 200:1 leverage and you have a $20 account and use $10 to open a position, your trade size on the market would be $2000. Each pip would be worth approx. 20 cents. If the market moved against you by 50 pips, that would be a floating loss of $10.

Since $10 are required to keep your trade open, at a floating loss of $10.01, you will no longer have enough margin to keep your trade open and a margin call will occur. A margin call means that your broker might close your position to further protect your account.

The margin call at Fondex is at 50%

What is the Stop-Out Level?

“Stop-Out” level means when the margin level of your account falls to or below a specified amount and your trades are automatically closed. Stop Out levels help protect your equity andprevent your account from falling into a negative balance.

The stop out level at Fondex is 35%

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