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Exclusive cTrader indicator predicting the XBTUSD price with a 1-2 minutes time frame.

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How does the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Sentiment indicator work?

The chart above indicates the real time Bid & Ask prices for XBTUSD. The green & red areas in between stand for the sentiment index, which predicts the price direction for the next 20 seconds. The indicator predicts that the market goes up if the color is green and, on the contrary, a red colour signifies a bearish prediction. The indicator value [-100;100] shows how strong the signal is.

The indicator predicts the best price to enter or exit the market on a 1-2 minute time frame.

Please view our user manual on how to download it.

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Save 0.5 - 10 USD
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20 sec - 2 min
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Frequently Asked Questions
We use machine learning algorithms together with `know-how` approaches and methods in order to create a model that can calculate price movement probabilities with a high degree of accuracy. We have collected a lot of data from different sources and use state-of-the-art feature extraction techniques to make our model as precise as possible.
The accuracy of the prediction model is up to 85%. The shorter the forecasting interval, the higher the accuracy.
The indicator aims to improve your existing trading strategy by finding the best times to enter and exit the market, compared to what your existing strategy does, saving 1$ - 7$ per trade. For more information and assistance please contact our support team. Also don’t forget to register to our webinars.

We don't provide any guarantees on the forecast quality or service uptime. Please use the indicator at your own risk. We do not suggest to use this indicator in case you are not sure about how it can help to improve your trading strategy.

Our model is equally accurate on both flat and trending markets.

No, we don't, and neither do we use Kalman filters. We use some fractal analysis techniques to improve an already reliable model.

In general, we do, but not in this particular model.

We use a bunch of time-tested data science techniques (most of them are publicly available), including deep neural networks (DNN).

We are working hard to make the indicator work for more instruments including the above. In order to do so, we need to create another model and train it on other datasets, which requires a considerable amount of work and resources. Please contact our support team for more information.

Yes you can. Please contact our support team for more details.

We have various partnership options for Opinion Leaders, Bloggers, Trading Gurus etc. We provide our partners with all necessary materials on how the indicator works and how it can be used to improve various strategies’ results. We also offer a flexible and competitive remuneration package to our partners. Please contact us directly for more details.